How often does the moon affect your mood and personality?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Doesn't seem to affect me at all.

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It affects me indirectly as my neighbor has two large dogs that are part wolf and they howl loudly at night, lol!

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Tom  Jackson
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The presence of the moon when a wolf howls, as it turns out, is purely coincidental and circumstantial. β€œCanine experts have found no connection between the phases of the moon and wolf howling,” writes Animal Planet. β€œWolves pipe up more often during the night because they're nocturnal.Jul 8, 2013

Comes up when you search for "do wolves howl at the moon"
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The moon has nothing to do with my mood. However, there are a number of !$#holes that has everything to do with my mood.

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Tom Jackson answered

Well, apparently the moon makes me sleepy.

---Or maybe the only time I really notice the moon is when I get up to let the dog out in the middle of the night.

I guess I had better think a little more about the question.

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Matt Radiance answered

I can't point it out specifically but we all affected even everyone here admitting moon has nothing to do with their mood but the fact is mood has everything to do with our mood indirectly.

Moon impress the water waves and the seas and it's ideology, huge percent of human is water including 75 % of the human center of the power, the brain. Moon is part of cycle of mother nature.

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Thank you for noticing and checking over me! i highly appreciate your very nice outlook on me, it means a lot.
in answer of your question, i am in career battle! months ago, i had to choose between two profession that i've been faced in my life's story. the two are my most beloved professions and my dream lifestyle. it was some final steps to take and many details to take care of so i had to focus on it in a high rate. i almost chosen my path but still i need to build it up and settle in completely, i'm still onto the subject to live the life i always wished for. but i can get some spare time due reasons (which is good) these days, mostly i spend my spare times answering questions on here, unfortunately, soon or late, i'll have to go for months again. for the record, i enjoy your outlooks and insights as well, always looking over your answers.
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Wishing you well in your career then Matt Radiance.
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Thanks :)
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Pepper pot answered

Nope, it doesn't affect me at all. As you can see I look just as great, it doesn't affect my periods, mood, or sleep pattern.

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Funny you should ask.........

Back in my party days..... The full moon had a strange effect on me..... Lets just say I had a hunger that only my husband could feed! I use to chase him around the house till he got wore out and gave up!!!Β  LOL!

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