Why Can't I Let Go Of My Boyfriend That I Have Just Broken Up With?


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It will always hurt. When you love a person you can't leave him. Restore your relationship by removing any confusions. If you have to say sorry then you should say it to save your relationship.

If still you couldn't patch up then you have to make yourself busy in something. Make a routine where you don't have much free time. This way you can save yourself. Otherwise, you will go mad.

Also, keep one thing in mind that if the other person is not giving you any care, attention and love then why you are spoiling your life for him. Concentrate on your life and work hard for your goals. Good Luck.
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I'm in the same situation and the best thing to do is to find something to keep your mind off of him read a book and if that doesnt work get out and surround yourself with friends that not going to want to know what happen between yall or bring his name up in every conversation and last but not least find you another man even if its not to jump in another relationship just someone to keep your mind off the man your trying to get over and whatever you do stay out the path of the ex or you just might find yourself right back with him...hope my words were some help I'm good at giving advice but I sure need to learn to practice what I preach
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Palmerw - you are supposed to be hurting after breaking up with someone. There is a period of time that you should grieve. Give it time to let go. A person doesn't just jump directly into another relationship or not feel any emotion when they break up with another. The end of a relationship is a difficult and hurtful time. But you will recover after a while and begin again.
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Same with me!! Its so overwhelming me! I do love him much! But within me in his life, I don't think he's happy anymore.
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Don't think of him he's not worth your time if he was then why did you brake up with! Duh???
Haha...anyways just go have fun!
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Exactly. Your heart  will stay on him, if you keep thinking on him. Girl, let him fly.
Move on with your life and find someone who can make you happy.
You deserve better! ;)

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