My Ex Boyfriend Wont Let Go. It's Driving Me Crazy. It's Also Putting A Lot Of Pressure On Me. How Do I Make Sure He Knows It's Over For Good?


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It can be very difficult to make a clean break in a relationship, particularly if you have broken up before and got back together. An ex-partner who keeps trying to get back together with you can end up weakening your resolve. It sounds like that's not what you want. Therefore, it's important to be firm and not concede to seeing each other or talking a lot because it will only confuse the situation. It is a difficult step to take however. It is important that you be honest and open; make absolutely clear that you are sure about your decision and your relationship is truly over. To help you get through this time, spend time with your friends and enjoy some activities that you might not have had the time for before. This will help you to focus on other things and also help you both to make the transition.
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My bf lost it...
He has attempted to kill himself, won't stop calling, stalking harassing me.
Sending emails... Texts...
He was the sweetest person in the world... I don't know what happened.
You can't lead them on by answering to their threats. CUT IT OFF~
It's the only way, call your phone company and block calls.
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Tell him it's over for good. Tell him why you have to do this. Once you have done that. Cut off ALL communication with him. Don't take phone calls from him or text messages or email. NOTHING. If you don't do your part and keep talking to him, he thinks he still has some chance and won't "let go".
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Okay...I've done this a million times with the guy I just broke up with. This time was the last time I'll ever do that B.S. Again! Trust me on this one...the longer you wait, the more times you give in-the more he's going to call, text, show up wherever you are. You think it's hard now? Phhh! You don't even know!!! I have never done this before..but it had to be done! I changed my phone number. He has to stay away from my home, or he will be arrested ON THE SPOT! It is NOT ok for some1 to stalk another person. If he continues, call police. He is obsessed. People do crazy stuff when they're obsessed. I just found that out. Don't mess around, please. I'm trying to save you from some scary sh*t. Another thing..look into stalking laws in your state. You may need a protection order...and don't-no matter what the person  said earler- DO NOT go to eat with him. It will only give him hope. Good luck & be well.
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You sound pretty crazy. This happened to me except im the guy. All i wanted was to talk to her now i am feeling hopeless. She would still hang out with me even after the restraining order but it was when she wanted to and if i called but she wasnt down to hang out she would get pissed. I think everyone needs to chill out and just forgive people.
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Keep enforcing that it is really over.  Do not give in no matter what he says
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I have the same problem. My ex and I separated over three years ago.  I broke it off for good (for the very last time) with no chance of ever being together again 4 months ago.  I have broken up with him as bluntly as one can every day since.  He keeps insisting that one day we will be together again.  I can't cut off all contact because we have a son together.  He won't sign any papers or stick to any visitation schedule because he won't admit that we're done.  Now he's trying to tell me that if I end it his family won't love me any more and that if I ever start seeing anyone else that our son will never see him again.  I told him that that was his own decision.  I know that he's still trying to manipulate and control me the way he always has.  I will not fall for this any more but what can I do? I feel sooo trapped.  I want to move on with my life.
Talk to him nicely tell him is over nd you guys have to stop talking for a little while or intruduce him to another that can him forget about you

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