I want to make myself throw up. I have cried because I feel disgusted with myself. My boyfriend begs me not to do this but I hate myself?


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Life is too short for all of that remember the more time you spend wallowing in your self hatred and self pity life is moving on, take advantage of every day you have because its all you really got best wishes 

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You have an eating disorder and need help. Below is a hotline for NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) you can call, or you can text for help.


Text NEDA to 741741

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trust me, you don't want to make yourself do that!! I've been struggling with bulimia and regular meal purging on and off for the past 10 years and its not cool!! In fact, i went threw a huge phaze this past year which brought on severe depression!! Over time it will make you feel even more disgusting because everything you eat (no matter how small the portion is) will make your stomach feel very uncomfortable and gross inside. you will throw up even if you don't want too just to relive how uncomfortable you are. (can't even eat a  hot dog or even an apple without getting an urge to purge because its just to uncomfortable), plus, feeling weak and tired all the time is no fun either. (induced vomiting puts lots of strain on your heart, that and with  the lack of electrolytes, you could drop dead at any time due to a heart attack, it has happened to many people). (a few minutes ago, i ate some crackers, and now i have to spend the next couple hours fighting to keep them down)

i repeat. DO NOT go down this route!!!

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Goooooood advice.
Jann Nikka
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Skunky you're making it and overcoming this, taking one day at a time. I'm glad you were able to share a part of your life. Super tight ((((((((((HUGS))))))))) to a brave and courageous young man Skunky.
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Thanks Jan and Tiger. you know, after talking with a few of my social workers. i came to the conclusion that i truly had no one to turn to for support and help so i decided to mention it on here. Besides you guys, barely anyone knows about this (not even family or the few real life friends i have)... Your support and encouragement means the world to me!! this illness is bad and i don't know why anyone would want to put themselves thru this. its far from worth it. ((hugs))
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Dear Anonymous, and Skunky too,

We are all different but here is something that, when I finally understood it, it helps me as I work with my own particular set of idiosyncrasies...

And that is, the self-hatred we might feel individually is really a reflection of the unbalanced society we live in. Society tries to do its best for its members, but our society is sick and we bear those wounds.

So bottom line, as we get ourselves better, we are helping the whole society.

So Dear Anonymous, please just continue to do your best, don't purge yes Skunky is correct and it is life-threatening, and we cannot afford to lose you, the whole world needs you.

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You might have an eating disorder . It would be good for you to see a therapist . They could help you. Don't make yourself sick. Life is to short. My best help to you.

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