how do I get my mom to stop buying me junk food without becoming suspicious? If I tel her she will think I have an eating disorder and take me to a doc (it’s happened before) I can’t hide it not eat it or buy my own food because she notices.


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Edit: I really want to loose weight and the fact that she is buying all this is not helping because I can’t not eat it without her noticing.

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Are you saying your mom took you to a dr because you weren’t eating junk food?

If that’s true why didn’t you tell the Dr in front of her that you were trying to eat healthy stuff.  That was the time to talk about junk food with your mom and Dr.

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Toni Pauze
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Don’t be sorry sweetie!
Sit down with your mother and tell her you want to eat healthy food. Tell her you love her, tell her you need to lose weigh ( if you do ). Tell her to pleas try to work with you. IF this doesn’t work or not an option is there another adult you can turn to?
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Not really, even so, it’s not like they would be able to do anything about my mom’s choice of food. Also, the thing is...I don’t really need to loose weight, I’m a healthy weight, but I rly want to loose some lbs. I’m just afraid she’ll think I’m anorexic if I tell her.
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Are you anorexic? If you are healthy weigh why do you need to lose weigh?

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