What to do if my best friend is trying to hook up with the girl I like?


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  So there's this girl I like and my best friend is trying to hook up with her. Here's how it started. The girl had a friend who was single and so did I so we both decided to get them to meet together. They met and talked but the girl that I liked gave my best friend her snapchat and told him to not share it with me. My friend is telling me that she is not loyal to you and that you shouldn't try to get a relation ship with her. Is he trying to make me run away or is he being honest? And what should I do to avoid my best friend hookinh up with the girl I like?

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That's a hard one. But if he was truly your friend then he wouldn't try and sleep with someone you like even if your not dating them.
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Ok thanks so much bro!! That rlly helped man! Thanks for your time
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Some time ago, a girl friend (friend who is a girl) asked me to accompany her while she went with a male friend of hers to basically introduce him to a girl friend of hers.

Frankly, I don't remember if he even showed up.  But after about 5 minutes of talking, I had decided that my interest in her was more important to me than his potential interest in her.

We're coming up on our 35th anniversary this year.

Just like the parable in the Bible, when you find the "pearl (girl?) of great price" you go buy the field.

Now I was in my 30's, so I'm not sure that there were any rules extant that might have required me to defer to another because they were there "first;" but I'm not sure that I would have been all that deferential to them in any case.

So he wants to make a competition out of this because he also sees value in the prize.

Sometimes you find yourself in a race when you just wanted a brisk walk.

Does the girl have anything to say about the outcome of this?

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She doesn't mention him as much and secretly gave him her contact information telling him not to let me know. If I ever ask her what she thinks about my friend, she always tries to comfort me by saying she's not interested in him at all.
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I guessing that even if he decides to be noble and back off, she is likely to pursue him in some fashion and to some degree.

But you should still to make her forget about him by being who you are.

Best of luck.
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Ok that sounds great! Thanks a lot for your time!

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