I'm straight and have bf but this girl admitted to wanting to hook up with me. My bf is out of town and I want to try. How should i approach this?


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Jann Nikka answered

You will forever change your relationship for the worst. You can never ever undo your sneaking around, lying, backstabbing, willful deceit and unloving, uncaring, YOU.

You're on the path of the "Dark Side" and the "Force" is definitely not within you.

Put on the complete suit of Truth and Trust. Move back to Faithfulness.

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You should approach this by calling your boyfriend and telling him you no longer want a commited relationship .. Because obviously you don't. 

"Trying" is still CHEATING!  If you are even remotely considering it .. You are too young and illequipped to handle a commited relationship .. Period.

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Cookie Roma answered

So, ask yourself this:  If you were out of town and a guy friend of your bf wanted to "get together ", how would you feel about that?

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Don't entertain her!

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If you're curious . . Why not ask your boyfriend if this is okay?

Or, tell him you might want to see other people . . . Either way, you should open the line of communication and keep all "participants " Informed.

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