Okay, So..if Your Guy Friend Talks About You With His Mom, What Does It Mean?


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It means that he really thinks you as a friend.He cares for you. And also he likes to tell his mom about you. It is a good thing for you. You are lucky. Boys generally don't talk to their mom about girls.Bringing teddy shows that he want to keep you happy. Girls like to play with teddy. Thinking this only, he might have brought teddy for you. That you will feel it good. Also, it shows his affection towards you. May be he likes you, but can't be sure.He tells you he is special. It shows that he likes you and want you to feel that he is special. And that you are friend of a special person (he). It also shows that he likes you and that he want you to feel that he is really special and you are lucky to be friend of him. Boys do this so that you feel lucky and don't break your friendship with him. He want to be friend if yours.His mom action shows that he has told very nicely about you to his mom and that has created so effect on his mom that she has also started caring about you.On the whole, I would say that he likes you, but can't be sure. He had affection for you. If you want to make him as boyfriend, then ask me, I will help you in that. He knows that he likes you but don't have much courage to tell you, at least this time. He want you to be happy and also that you should like his company. He don't want to break the friendship.Good luck.
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Thanks verry much :) You actually build me up :) Yes. He's a great friend and hes special 2 me ;D Well he doesnt live close 2 me... So I ask him alot when will he come and visit. Usually when his dad doesnt have any plans, he meets with me :D

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