My Boyfriend Asked Me Why I Love Him.i Do But I Cant Explain?


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Yeah, I never can either!
I always tell him its because...
When I ever I see him I can't help but smile.
I can't stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes.
I'm only my self when I'm around him.
He is my one true best friend.
When he holds me in his arms I feel like there is nothing the in world that could hurt me.
Out of all the girls   in the world he chose me, and I'm confident that he wouldnt leave me.
Plus he is really hot. So I add that. :)
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You Could Try Something Soppy, Eg.
When I'm With You, My Day Seems To Go Faster
When I See You, Everything Gets Brighter
When You Kiss Me, I Feel Like Theres Nothing Else In The World
When You Hug Me, I Feel Complete.
There Arn't Enough Words To Describe How I Feel About You But You Need To Know That I Love You.
Hope It Helps.
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Tell him just that or tell him how he makes you feel when you are around him. I kno it is difficult bc I have that same problem but if you show them by actions (not sexually either) then usually they understand
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Just tell him that he means everything to you . 
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Oh my dear love couldnot be explain in words, it is an feeling which arise during love! So you feel it my sweet heart!
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Ask him the same question and he will get his answer... Maybe he is just trying to test your beliefs for him.... Don't worry.....
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My boyfriend asked me the same question.It really upset me because now I feel like this question is making us fall apart, and I'm not talking to anyone and my friends are really worried about me.

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