Why Does A Guy Say He'll Call You And Never Does?


5 Answers

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Anonymous answered
He is either not interested and didnt want to hurt your feelings or give him time as he might not want to rush things. Or he is busy and a lot of guys just don't like to yammer on the phone.
Autumn Hawkins Profile
Autumn Hawkins answered
He could be playing hard to get, tring to make you hopelessly anxious on whether he will call you or not... Or.... Hes just not that into you :)
Lady D Bell Profile
Lady D Bell answered
He just a guy who is not being serious.
Kathy Nicole Profile
Kathy Nicole answered
Maybe he's just trying to do other things.And I THINK  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY OTHER THINGS.So it helps if your more popular than he is,that way theres less of a chance for him to let go of you.

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