How do I get my VERY shy boyfriend to want to feel my boob?


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The blunt answer is: Get his hands and put it on your boobs. At 13, you are so young and your shy boyfriend, too.  Take time to get to know each other first. Your boyfriend might not be ready for what you want to do. It is not just girls who need to be ready.  Boys, too.  It would seem in magazines and newspapers and on TV and movies that boys and girls just start kissing, touching and jump into bed right away.  Relationship is not like that.  If that is the thrill you want, perhaps you have to choose an aggressive guy. You know that it leads to bed. Perhaps untimed pregnancy, too.  Take care of yourself.
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I guess just slowly go into it, take kissing or whatever just a little bit further each time. Move slowly if he is really quite shy, and you will get to it.
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I don't know how old you are but, don't rush things. If he is shy, then don't force things. You have all your life ahead of you and shouldn't rush into things. Be glad that he is not the type that is grabbing at you and wanting to sleep with you, right away, because if he have respect for yourself!
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Just get his hands and put them on your boobs he probly lik it but do it wen your alone !good luck !
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Hmmm... Firstly : Why do you want him to feel your boob? Secondly: Do you think he wants to feel it? And thirdly: It might fell DAMN weird, to have your so called 'shy boyfriend' to feel your boob! (I'm just saying) so if it's ment to be it will be. And if he wants to he will. And if your comfortable with it you'll accept. BUT remember:  don't be to forward! Don't let things get out of hand! If you feel uncomfortable tell him to rather wait till you know each-other better. I'm 13 and I've been in a really weird situation with a boy before! He tried to get lucky and he was to forward. But thats not the point.... What I'm trying to tell you is: He's a teenager, PUBERTY happens , his hormones bug him. If he gets to comfortable he may try something. Just watch out! Be safe! Don't do anything stupid! Even you though you know he likes u... don't be to forward, ok?? Enjoy!
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It is fine you have the feeling like that he just doesnt yet if he is sceard then he will soon come out and you should make him do anything that will only make things worser and make thing harder for you both you  don't want that as you say your not to young but he may not be thinking like that yet but don't worry he will and they you should be fine
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Next time you are alone with him, unbutton your shirt and start getting your boobs close to him..
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I disagree, if a girl did that to me it means she wants to take this relationship further, and she wants me more.
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No way Lad475! She's 13! She's just a kid and she shouldnt think about all of this and YOU should NOT be encouriging her!
Kayleigh DoesItMatter
EEEEEEW LAD475! Now thats wrong in so many ways for this age :( :( DONT ENCOURAGE HER! Im like so with Stileto on this.... Thumbs up for you Stileto! :D Umm no offence Lad475 but maybe she should wait a few years....!

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