Is being in love the best feeling ever?


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Ray Ottewell answered
Yeah, I love Football (soccer) Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Pizza,Indian food, Chinese food, Hot Dogs,McDonalds, Beer, Whiskey, Brandy, Music, Rock, Blues,Modern Jazz,TV, My Computer and a few more things, Oh yeah nearly forgot I love my Wife as well :))
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Nah I think it's playing in a guitar band live onstage in front of 500 people.That's just an awesome experience lol.
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Suum Bsm answered
I think being in love is one of the best feeling ever..because even though someone is very poor or very rich love is the same for everyone.. And when one is in love then one feels loved and cared by someone else.. One is given importance by another person.. One gets to share everything with the one he/she loves because the relationship of love is based on love no one feels lonely if its true love on both side..
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No way. The feeling of success of life and surviving a near death experience is the best feeling ever. Doing things with the one you love is second. I know why you are asking, dude. -wink wink- things are different for different people. Some people are not happyy with their love life so its different. Go for her!                                                       Your friend (or as you call it in the united kingdom, mate),                                                                                 Lone Wolf
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Helena Vites answered
No. It may seem like it, but no.
Yes, theyll seem perfect in the beginning but no one is.
Love is the slowest way of death.
But theres some of us who enjoy it.
I'm not going to tell you love sucks.
For some RARE people, love is a breeze from beginning to end.
For most, its not.
Most people give up when they can't find the one they love.
Some people even think theyre in love, when theyre really in love with being in love.
Happens a LOT in america.
That is the reason for divorce rates being so high in America.
But love is amazing.
And yet stupid at the same time.
I'm just speaking from experience, you can take my harsh words lightly or not.

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Cengiz Polat answered
It changes from people to people. I don't think a poor african boy gives sh*t about falling in love. I think a Happy Meal from Mc. D would give him the best feeling ever.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Nah. Doing something for someone that changes their life, or makes it better, and sitting back and being happy for them, and not expecting an absolute great feeling.
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person person answered
Not the best feeling ever. Like you could be jelous when your girlfriend is around other get jelous because you are in love,and being jelous is not a good feeling. But some parts of being in love are great
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Lexi answered
No the best feeling ever is waking up at 6am for school when you completly cba and then remembering its saturday=)

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