there's this rumour going on about me that I gave a bl***** to some guy in a year up from me. His sister is in my year and she's not a nice girl! My whole year is starting to find out. The thing is; THIS IS NOT TRUE! What can I do?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

The biggest and probably hardest thing to do here is to ignore it. Don't lower yourself to their level here as theyre trying to lure you in to playing their game by getting you all upset. You know the truth here and so should your best friends so let it go and once they see it didn't work, the rumors will stop. This is a form of bullying in that they are trying to control and destroy your world. Don't give in as they wont quit if you do. Ley your Parents know in case they hear it thru the grapevine and they will understand and help you here.  Good luck and Merry Christmas

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