What Kind Of People Are You Attracted To And Why?


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I am attracted to a wide variety of personalities, but especially people who can find joy and laugh from a place of appreciation and gratitude for being alive that day....  That said, I often form the deepest friendships with compassionate, kind people who tend to be "idealists" (I believe they are realists!--LOL) and dreamers and inventors. I suppose at some level people like that help satisfy my interest in and belief that we can all make positive differences in the world in lots of creative ways, and that we are each gifted and entrusted with some great gifts that can ensure it happens if only our hearts are "right" and focused.
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I guess I'm attracted to a variety of people but I do tend to gravitate to those that when they understand will ask for a explanation instead of catching a tude,it can all be handle without the tude,I also tend to like people that don't mind being wrong and saying I'm sorry,and yeah I love funny,jokesters only if you can take a joke,don't give but can't take one, for the most part I just like people,and like people that like people and not just saying it but action shows otherwise.....  
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Who have the ability to tolerate others
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I am attracted to people who have a good grasp on life. Someone who is confident but not arrogant, intelligent but not a know-it-all, strong but not over bearing, has the ability to see beyond what is in front of them, insightful, patient, pessimist as opposed to cynical, someone who can prioritize and pick their battles wisely, and a little spirituality wouldn't hurt. I also love a good sense of humor. If you can make me laugh....you're in!  

Why? Because a person who has these qualities is a person who is balanced in life, knows what they want and has the ability to spread their good energy and inspire others.
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pencil I am attracted to warm funny loving caring people. People who are always there for you when you are down. I enjoy people who talk to you and do not critizise you all the time. I love being with people who make you feel good as a person and don't put you down. Most of all I like people with a wonderful sense of humor.
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I am attracted towards people who are very down to earth. Also people who are jovial and caring about others.
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Straightforward, upfront, stand-up look you right in the face kind of people. Unabashed, happy to laugh, easily touchable. A person who takes in everything, not just what's in front. Believes in right, frowns on wrong.
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Just simple but a man of self respect caring and loving who shows you right path and always be 4 you. Have faith in you always.

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