What Kind Of People Frustrate You?


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Victoria Allstott Profile
Ignorant people frustrate me the most! I know I'm not the most intelligent person there is, but I can't stand it when you go to like a fast food restaurant or any restaurant and that person is just being down right ignorant and disrespectful. And I'm NOT the type of person who just lets it fly. My husband actually can't stand it because I'll speak my mind loud enough to where that person can hear it! I'm horrible about it I know!!!
Sadia Batool Profile
Sadia Batool answered
It depends upon your personality that what sorts of people will frustrates you. There are many kinds of people and we may ramify them according to their behaviour patterns. Their behaviour is a thing which may prove their existence in a specific group. If we are a serious kind of person then obviously jolly natured people will frustrate us. Otherwise if we are a jolly kind of person then serious people will frustrate us. There are many males who find females irritant and females always find males irritating. So it is gender dependent too.
But worldwide there are some people who frustrate all of us without discrimination of gender and taste. These people are those who are not loyal to anybody and who are not good by nature, who wants to tease others and who are not taking life seriously, who don't have any rules and regulations and who breaks the laws of country, world and nature. Hope you may find your own nature by checking the type of people who irritate you or frustrate you in one way or the other.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Bossy controlling people and people who will never learn.
person person Profile
person person answered
1.people who think they know what there talking about but don't 2. People with annoying voices 3. People who don't listen 4. People who are controlling
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
People who try to talk unnecessary/irrelevant things, or who try to peep in other's life unnecessarily, or talk bad about the other person in his absence these type behaviours I don't like.

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