Legally, can a 17 yr old girl date a 30 yr old man in the state of South Carolina?


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Yes..but dating is not a crime.  It is considered 'statutory rape' for a man to have sexual relations with a person less than 16 years of age but 17 is okay.  The real question is, will dating someone who is so much older than you have the best possible outcome for you.
Example:  You being extremely happy.  You have not even completed your teenage years and he is entering full adult life.  If he is immature for his 30 years, believe me, he will get on YOUR nerves sooner rather than later.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but, at 17 we are generally in a state of FLUX and we are still growing and changing, accepting certain values our parents gave us as our own, rejecting some others.  Even if you are the eldest in your family of siblings or if you are an only child, I would still recommend you give yourself a chance and don't date anyone right now.  Do you have your career down-pat? Do you own your own home?  Would you say you are mature spiritually, emotionally, physically and do you manage money well?  Don't add DRAMA to your young life by taking on an 'older' dude.  Don't date ANYBODY. Take it from me, FOR A SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP NOW AND IN THE FUTURE THE TWO PERSONS YOU MUST KNOW, LOVE AND OBEY ARE GOD AND YOU.
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Yes but no sex, and and relationship like that will only lead to hurt and pain. It can never work and is wrong

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