Can A 18 Yr Old Go To Jail While Dating A Minor Even With No Contact At All?


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Hmmm. If there is no contact at all, you aren't dating. Maybe I missed something here.

If you mean that you spend a lot of time together, but with no SEXUAL contact, well, that is - STATUTORY RAPE. Yes, even without a kiss, should anybody report you, you will be arrested and hauled before a judge who detests you in advance. You cannot win in court, not ever. You will have to register as a sex offender and you will ruin your own life forever. You will likely be forbidden from ever seeing your honey again and have terrible restrictions on where you work and live forever.

Aw heck, you'll take your chances here, right?

You might get away with it, but probably not.

You are doomed.
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So even when seperate states, i would be screwed forever. Even no sexting or no sexual contact. What if ur profile is clean no trouble just going to college your saying you can still go to jail after all i said. No chance in fighting against court to win this battle at all!!!! Your complete innocent and you can go to jail cause you love someone very much. Ummmmm i think there is always a fighting chance especially if you helped her turn her life around and point the right direction for her.
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As, I thought, you will do as you will, and perhaps you will evade and avoid legal complications. Nonetheless, the risk you take opens you up to terrible consequences. Anybody not happy with your arrangement can pick up the phone and ruin you forever, even a decade from now, as there is no statute of limitations on statutory rape.

You pretend that you are helping "her turn her life around and point the right direction for her." this is not about her, but about you. Wake up!

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