How Man Guys Wear Diapers?


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I wear a nappy and plastic pants at night as my mom makes me. I'm fourteen years old mom found stains in my pjs and really had a go at me saying I was a dirty boy and she was going to change me . The following day when I got in from school she sent me to   my room and said I was grounded, she came up with a large bag which she put on m bed , she told me to get undressed. I looked at her and said I hadn't undressed in front of her for five years, she said "well thats all going to change now you are going to do as your told and be a good clean little boy" she told me to get undressed or did she have to undress me, I undressed down to my boxers and stood there   she said to take them off as well as I wouldnt be needing them for a long time. She took the bag and emptied it, out came six nappies   two pairs of plastic pants and six pairs of girls white cotton knickers, she said they were all for me and I would be wearing them for three months to start with. She said the nappies were for night times and the knickers were for day time and she would be checking on me every day to make sure I stayed clean , she folded a nappy and told me to sit on it she pushed me back   to lie while she pinned the nappy in place, then to humiliate me more she pulled the plastic pants on me and told me that they would stay on till morning and I would be having one on every night when I got in from school. I   put my pjs on but   they were tight over the thick nappy and did nothing to hide what I was wearing, both my sisters saw me and were told I was back in nappies and that I was to wear girls knickers to school each day because I am a dirty boy and they are to stop me playing with myself, they both teased me but mom said if I was a good clean little boy for three months then I could go back to wearing my boxers again but my nappy would be staying at night. If I want to use the toilet I have to ask mom she does not allow me to take my nappy off my self. I'm embarassed at school   wearing knickers in case any of the boys see them when we have gym, I have been lucky so far and I have only two more weeks to go. Most of the time at home I spend in my room   as my sisters have friends round and I would die of embarassment if they were to see me dressed in baby pants and nappies. I hope mom relents when my time is up and lets me back to just my pjs at night but I think she quite enjoys having me as a little boy again.
I have stomach problems so I wear diapers 24/7 I just looking for that girlfriend that understands and will change me and I change her too

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