If my daughter still wet her pants, should i make her wear diapers even though she doesnt want to?


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If it helps prevent a mess for you then go for it
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I suppose that depends (no pun intended) upon her age: Two or 20?
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I would say yes - I have not had that problem day times with my Daughter but recently she started wetting the bed a little so I sent her to bed in trainer pants and plastic pants. She is 9.
No let her decide that she does not want a wet spot on her jeans , it is her life , I wet my pants too and sometime I wear diapers and sometimes I do not, I feel it is my choice
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I wet my pants for fun but I have to be careful not to show wet patches so I like wearing nappies and some times a plastic rain coat. Nothing wrong about it because I do not hurt others so if you do like wetting in your pants carry on and enjoy it . Pants wetter.

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She should wear diapers till she stops wetting her diapers put duct tape on the diaper so she can use them as pullups that way you know she is making progress.

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