Does Anyone Know Any Good Diaper Story Sites?


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There are a number of websites on the internet that cater to the diaper fetish sub-genre.

As well as kinky diaper stories, these websites often have graphic images and video content that are designed to entice and excite.

Diaper story websites
It hosts erotic short stories with titles like '30 Days in Diapers' and 'The Twins Get Back Into Nappies'. The site is also pretty good because it has a blog, a chat section, personal ads, and a forum in three different languages!

It's a great source for all things 'age play' (a form of sexual role play where practitioners act or treat someone like they're a baby).

The website also hosts a rather sexy image gallery, as well as other adult-baby related content. It's also a great site for meeting people who are active in the fetish community, and its users are always online making comments and contributing material.
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