What Is The Effects Of Physical And Mental Abuse In A Marriage?


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In my experience, I started suffering physical ailments and mental problems a full 10 years before I even became fully aware I was in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. I suffered A.D.D., constant immune system anomalies and migraines. Upon realization of my situation and confirming the patterns of the subtle "loving" ways he controls everything and me, I started having full-blown anxiety attacks almost 3 times a week. Since identifying my true source of stress, I've been getting healthier and have been able to stop taking the A.D.D. Medicine. I'm still not out of the relationship, but am working towards an exit to protect myself and my children.
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I agree with Midnite112. Cancer is a common problem with prolonged abuse. Also suicide and murder rates are high in abuse cases.
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The effects can be tremendous physical devastation to the person being abused. This can happen, even from mental abuse. It doesn't mean your getting beaten to death. You may not even realize your body is suffering physically, but after will rebel and knock you down, without any warning. It can be catastrophic !! If this is happening to you or anyone you know; please tell them to get out of that marriage as fast as they can. This is a terrible situation. No marriage is worth staying in, if there is ANY abuse going on. RUN !! But......get prepared in secret, and contact your nearest shelter for the best advice. Do this, before you leave, so you can be sure your protected from any more damage being done to you. God Bless.

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