Is mental abuse as bad as physical?


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JACKIE DIAZ answered
I would have to agree with the majority in here. Mental abuse can be even more detrimental than physical. Physical bruises will dissapear within time, but those harsh, mean and hurtful words will scar us for ever. I speak from knowledge, as onced a victim of mental/verbal abuse from a past relationship. The agressor, will try to belittle you with putting you down, criticizing your behavior, actions, judgement and even your appearance. You will find yourself questioning your decisions and your capacities. I believe that people who put others down often tends to have insecuritues themselves and a low self steem. They pray and play psychological/mind games to feel superior and feel better about themselves and raising themselves up. I, my dear have experience all this feelings. I tell you " You have the power to free yourself from such abuser. Don't give him the power to hurt you. That is NOT love. Move on and never look back. Don't believe that person will change, if he does * it will be for the worst!  Get out of that situation before it becomes into a major issue, such as Depression, that usually follow.s. Hope I was able to help ;0))
Rachel Bourg Profile
Rachel Bourg answered
Yes its emotinally numbing,and abuser will rob you of every positive feeling you can ever have.its there control to make you feel bad so youll never leave.before you know it they ll be hitting you,and you will be so insecure and codependant,you wont be able to make a descision 4 your self,its a viscious cycle,and very sad.
amy johnson Profile
amy johnson answered
It can be even worse.
savannah seymour Profile
Most definately
Oddman Profile
Oddman answered
Yes. Like physical abuse, it can result in a host of health and relationship problems propagating through several generations.
Maria Not Telling Profile
Yes i mean its just as bad it takes a long time to heal i mean it leaves the person so low its horrible for any one to go though
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Sure is and in some cases, its actually worse but it also the hardest to prove in a court of law, which is why so many abuse cases never make it court or the news media
Beth Jayne Profile
Beth Jayne answered
Yes If not worse. Bruises only last for so long, they eventually fade away but if someone says something horrible to you, it will stay with you for life
rosa baez Profile
rosa baez answered
Ive been mentally. And physically abused.  Id have say mental. Abuse is far. Worse.  When the physical scars have healed the mental scars keep bleeding.  
Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Yeah it is. Even sometimes worse. If someones calling you a dumb b***h and is always putting you down and just being really really mean, then u could begin thinkin that its true... And then u just kinda like feel bad and sad and depressed.

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