What Are Possible Solutions Of Child Abuse?


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The first and most important solution to child abuse is prevention. This can be achieved through a variety of support programs, such as education and counselling for parents, the provision of respite care services etc.

Parents can be taught how to deal with and control their own emotions, as well as teaching their children the difference of what is acceptable behaviour towards or involving them when dealing with other family members or friends.

Teachers and school counsellors also play an important role in the prevention of child abuse by educating, motivating and advising pupils, as well as cooperating with parents.

Media campaigns should be educational, highlighting  causes, effects and signs of child abuse and offer information on how it can be stopped.

Community members need to be aware of possible signs of child abuse and report suspected cases to the police or child care agencies immediately.

Reporting a neighbour for possible child abuse should not be regarded as interference in someone else's business, but as an opportunity to possibly save a child's life.

When child abuse is reported, the situation needs to be assessed carefully. Underlying causes have to be determined and dealt with. If the abuse was an isolated incident, actions have to be taken to prevent future repeats.

If it is unlikely that the abuse will be permanently stopped through education, counselling or other measures, the child needs to be removed from the situation and be cared for in a safe, stable and loving environment.

The abuser has to be punished. Whether this is through enforced psychiatrical treatment or jail sentences depends on the particular situtaton.

Either way, it has to be made clear that child abuse is unacceptable in any way, shape or form. There is no justification for child abuse under any circumstances, in any situation.
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A solution to child abuse is if you know a child that is being abused contact the police or maybe rule against that parent. Once they're confronted they may not do it again.
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Some possible solutions to child abuse is that if you ever get abused let someone knows , someone that you can honestly trust . Your best friend , teachers someone like them . Like don't hold it in because if you keep it to your self then no one will ever know if your abused or not .

Ps: Tell someone you can HONESTLY trust . . . . ..
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There are a number of ways which I think can contribute in solving child abuse. For example, our legal structure can play an important role in solving this issue. However, as this issue is no under our control therefore, we can raise our voices. It is not necessary that parents of the children are responsible for bad habits in their children. Therefore, do not blame them and encourage them to restrain their children from bad habits.

There are various programs and policies which have also contributed in child abuse. We should explore such programs and policies to work on them. Another thing which I think is the main reason for raising this issue is the media. This creates extremism in people as well. I suggest that we should stop believing on whatever the media says. Try to solve this issue at broader level and do not let it, as it is, by considering it a family problem. The best solution for the child abuse is to support such families which are facing these issues and show your sincere concern to them.

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Go to the cops. Tell somebody. Ask for help and if lucky try to get the parent to do counseling.
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Child abuse problems involve physical, emotional or sexual abuse of child in home, school, or anywhere else
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Child abuse should be suavely deal with a spend a time of 12 years in prison
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Go to the police straight away, they will investigate and they will contact the person in need.
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I think any one that abuses children in any way MUST be sentenced to life in prison. No penalty but death.
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No real easy answer here as once something becomes embedded into our society, it grows at an alarming speed with no way to control it. Society has tried with harsh punishment and education but it only gets worse. Society, with its present economy only compounds the abuse as parents are under more stress which leads to taking it out on those closest to us like the kids. Maybe extreme measures will take care of the problem but then someone will give the abuser more rights than the victims and then we start all over. Its a battle we may never win unfortunately
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Have person go to jail for 50 years and have them do a lot of community service. Also have then get about 5 lashes
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The only way of knowing really is if someone witnesses it! Or if there is physical scarring/bruising on a child!!
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Children must be taught to speak out without fear knowing that they will not be condem. Proper counselling and strict measures must be put in place for the abbuser.
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If it is happening to you you must tell an adult you can trust (perhaps a teacher).  Do not believe an abuser who says they will harm you etc if you tell anyone...they are harming you already...you must tell someone.  There is a lot of help out there for children who are being abused.  It is much more common than most of us would like to think. Speak to someone about it.  Anyone who abuses children is doing wrong...don't let them think otherwise...you are a good person don't ever believe otherwise no matter the abuser says to you...they are doing wrong bad things not you.  Talk to someone...people will listen to you and help you. You do not have to suffer in silence or feel alone bad about yourself.  This must stop. If you have no one you can talk to go you local police station and talk to someone there...they will help.
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Its honestly a vicious circle because, out of all the cases of child abuse that are taking place, only 6% of them are ever reported to the police and of those 6%, only half of those make it through the court system and of those, only 3% of guilty people go to jail. Also, policies we have in place now (in Canada) are not so much preventative as they are reactive. The secret is stopping it before it happens. We need WIDER spread education on how to discipline children in the home, HARSHER punishment, more tracking on child pornography users, and we need children to feel like they can tell someone. Help phones are a good first step but I guarantee 89.9% of children don't know of the resources available to them. Dealing with child abuse is a double edged sword and finding the right answer will come in time. Until then, all we can do is save as many children as we can.....
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Government should provide sustainable and free educational system with well trained teachers, and eradicate poverty eg providing social amenities for the poor, shelter, clothing, good waters, free education, financial support.
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Child abuse problems involve physical, emotional or sexual abuse of child in home, school, or anywhere else.  It can be kidnapping, rape, murder, child labour, Child injuring (hitting and beating child). The best solution of child abuse is its prevention. It consists of educating parents and children about possible threats, teaching child in schools, giving heinous punishment to  the criminal involve in child abuse,

you can start your detail research from this site >>> www.childabuse.org
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Well, there is no way to actually tell because a child could be abused daily and smile all the time (trust me I know) best advice look and watch how they act (do they flinch if you raise your hand?) do they sometimes act confused when you're nice to them? Do they always make up an excuse when someone asks them why they are not at home? (sometimes people who are abused try to avoid being near the person who is causing it) They wear a lot of baggy clothes (helps hide bruises). Hope I helped.
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Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, Prescription drugs, Anger Management Class, being removed from an abusive home permanently or until abuse is under control, jail time to name a few.

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