Is There A Way To Improve My Physical Endowment?


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The term physical endowment refers to the enhancement of personality. The human personality is distinct and varies from person to person. However, man being a social animal, society has over the years emphasized on certain specifications for a person to be considered a 'well-developed personality'.

When concentrating on physical endowment, the individual needs to side-line personal traits that are considered 'not acceptable' and would hamper social acceptance. Physical endowment involves the following:

Wholeness: You have to concentrate on social healing and feeling complete. The completeness in turn, results in a wholeness of physical and mental well-being. A sound mind in a sound body is what every society looks for in its members.

Empowering relationships: It is very essential to not only gain from, but also contribute to relationships we enjoy in society. Teamwork and the ability to forge forward as a 'whole' are very crucial to the growth of a social group.

Understanding: When attempting physical endowment, it is necessary to understand the space and background of every interaction. A non-judgmental and well-informed understanding of issues is important for personality development.

Attention: This is another important aspect of physical endowment. You should be very sensitive and alert and attentive to every interaction. This will ensure instant connectivity and sound understanding. Paying attention to detail is essential for a conscious growth and endowment.

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