I kissed a guy I liked in front of a girl who was infatuated with him?


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If he likes you then it is you and him and she just has to be jealous

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I'm no expert on things like this but I think she'll slit your throat then proceed to decapitate your head😢 I suggest striking down when this person is vulnerable and wounded or using your superior detective skills to show this girls ulterior motives. After all there can be only one God

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Sane Mori
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I read your bio, you like yaoi too? :D
Bradley  Lomax
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Of course who doesn't love yaoi i believe if school or college had a yaoi coarse more people would act in a more productive and generally better behaving attitude 😀
Sane Mori
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I agree :P Most people find it strange that I like yaoi. At least, my friends do. I was even asked by my bf why I liked yaoi :p
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If she is your best friend, then that  is definitely going to cause a big tension between you to, especially if she told you specifically liked and had a big crush on him. But this is your life, not hers. You can live it as you please.

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