What song was playing the first time you danced with your first love?


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Yin And Yang answered

For many years my husband did this little tradition for my birthday. He would pick a song that said how he felt or described us that year and dance with me while he sang it on my birthday. Didn't matter who was around. My favorite was for sure the very first one he did. He was truck driving at the time and missing his wife. It was Travis Tritts song "Best of Intentions." Though at the time I had never seen the video. I just loved the words. Then one day many years later, I was missing my husband something horrible and I decided to watch some of the videos to the songs he use to sing to me on my birthday. Naturally this was the first one I looked up...... And I balled my eyes out like a baby. I never knew just how much that song was gonna relate to us..... I was missing him so bad because he had just been sentenced and was awaiting transfer to prison. I knew I was not gonna see him again for awhile.

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Open Arms by Journey.

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I honestly can't Rwmwber the first song we danced to and that is upsetting me grrrrrrrr :) but I do Remwber the song I was karaoke'ing the night we met ... So romantical ;p EDIT : my phone refuses to spell remember correctly .. Ummm never mind it just did ūüė° I don't know :/¬†

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Well, since my first love was when I was 5 and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday", I sadly never got to dancer with her.  As for my wife - I really don't recall the song.  I recall it was a slow dance during the after-game dance in high school in 1963.  Isn't that enouogh? 

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