Why do I cry over my relationship even though I am both the luckiest and happiest guy alive. I just feel so guilty over being with her and can't stop myself from feeling so guilty?


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You deserve each other kiddo. Nothing to feel guilty about ! Nothing at all! It's destiny! You just got lucky and found the right girl. Just go with it and enjoy yourself and quit worrying. You're lucky and she's lucky. Just have fun and don't think about any down side. The girl likes you for who you are. You can't ask for much better than that. Quit worrying and feeling guilty! Have fun! :)

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@ Rooster

@ Angela

My most sincerest of apologies for tonight as you can tell I have had this issue once  before with this user and I can only provide my most sincerest of apologies about the argument that has taken place under Angela's answer I thank you both very much and (@yinandyangforever)  for showing Tyler (lover boy as shown on here :$ ) what I've been trying to tell him for ages now. Again my sincerest of apologies

(Tyler's girlfriend)

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