If you could find one long lost friend of the past, who would it be?


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My best childhood friend, Wayne. We did everything together. He moved out of state soon after high school and I lost track of him.

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An old Hungarian named Steve Kaiser. A wonderful man and a good friend. He went home for a visit after the USSR collapsed and unexpectedly died there. He'd probably have liked to know he was going that way.

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This kid i knew in grade 6. Gary, we became friends for a brief period until i moved out of the province for a few years. Lost contact with him. I didn't really remember him again until recently but i do remember having  fun times with him over the few months that we did hangout.

and this one boy in grade 7 (i was in kindergarten at the time) he would always buddy up to me at recess and lunch etc... I still have a picture of him giving me a big hug.. (i think it would be cool to meet this person again just to see how he turned out)

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Ingrid Ann. She was my childhood best friend. We met at camp and hated each other. After I got home from camp, we moved 100 miles away. On the first day of 4th grade, she was a classmate. Very random. I had no idea where she lived or what school she went to. We were inseparable until we were 18.

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My best friend andy. He kept me in his jail and aunt bee gave me home cookin it was great matey

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I know where she lives, I know her Facebook, heck we are even "friends" on it but she would probably only say hello and that's it. I hurt her when I picked my husband over our friendship. We were childhood friends for 24 years. :0(

Some days I wish I could tell her I was sorry for hurting her and if she would forgive me. But I don't know how that would go either the next time I invite her to one of my kids birthday parties and my Hubby is there! LOL!

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Try 😊
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She invited me to her moms funeral a few years ago. I thought that was a start. We said we would call each other but she never returned my couple phone calls. She sent my mom a picture of her and her mom. My mom informed her that Jr was born. She just never really wanted to start the friendship again.
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