I Don't Seem To Satisfy My Wife Sexually. Can You Help Me Understand Why?


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I get good erection but when I start pumping I very quickly ejaculate what t do to keep it long enough
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Hi I am 30 year old men I have been for 2 years, my things come very quick my wife never satisfy with me. What can  ido please tell me.
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Any woman will benefit from foreplay, you need to stimulate her before penetration. Using your mouth and tongue on her vagina and clitoris is the most effective, but start gently and listen to her responses, you should be able to give her an orgasm this way and then have penetrative sex fun!
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Buy Dr. Paulo Amino's 25 methods of ejaculation control as easy2control.com, it will thoroughly teach you how to satisfy a woman sexually. At least I haven't read a better and complete book than that in my entire life.
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You can satisfy your wife in bed by showing her how much you love her in different ways. Try new positions, ask her what she'd like you to do to her, what she'd like to do to you and show her what a great bond you two can make together. GIVE HER ORAL!! That always makes a women go crazy ;)
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Since you two are married I am going to assume that she is in love with you. The best advice I can offer is to just ask her what she wants. Many man assume they know what satisfies a woman, but it is very different for different women. By asking her what she wants it shows you was to please her and you can do it how she likes it.
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My advice? Speak openly with your wife. Tell her you want to be ALL for her, but are not sure what she desires. Have her instruct you in what she wants. Just make clear to her from the beginning that if there is something you do not feel comfortable preforming, that she not force you or hold it against you.
She obviously has an idea of what she likes. It takes a while to build that kind of openess to one another, and the effort in itself will bring you closer together.
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Dont worry man... U just try new methods every day.. That ill make her satisfy, if that s not working, u just give me her contact no... Ill talk wit her and give some valuable suggestions....
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That is something you should ask your wife. Not all women are satisfied by the same technique. Next time you are intimate, or even OUT of the bedroom talk about it! You will never know unless you ask!!!
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I'm not into this but have you ever tried cunnilingus aka eating her out? That may give her the satisfaction she wants or have you tried playing with her? Also, buy some porn movies to get ideas. I would watch porn and see the areas that appear to be sensitive on a woman. Get some movies, pay attention to the areas of a woman and most likely you will give her the satisfaction she wants. The eating her out part, that's up to you, but rent some porn and take notes. You just said that you weren't experience sexually, so you answered your own question pretty much, but porn seems to help. It helped me a lot.
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Tell her how sexy she is. That always makes a girl feel good. Get her a toy and tell her how much you would love to come home and see her using it by herself.
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All depends on what you are doing? Also, does your wife really love you and wants to be satisfied with you? If she does not want to be with you or is not in love with you then you can'[t do anythiing for her period. She has to be in with love Wit you or she will not respond. Better put a $50.00 bill in front of her then.

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