How Can I Satisfy My Partner?


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Will Martin answered
Whoever your partner is, in bed and out, the answer is the same; find out what they want.

This isn't always just about asking them outright (although that is very important to communicate). Sometimes people are too embarrassed to say what thay want, can't put it into words or don't even know.

A good way to find out what your partner wants is to look at what they do to you - we often act in the way we would wish to be treated ourselves.

How to satisfy your partner

One idea I'd recommend is giving your partner free reign for one night. Tell them that you want them to be in charge, and play along with what they want you to do.

This is a really good way to connect and find out what a partner wants from a sexual encounter.  Keep things fun and lighthearted, and let them do the guiding.

How to turn it on in the bedroom

Another great source of fresh ideas is to give the sex section of a glossy magazine a sneaky look.

For guys, reading something like Cosmopolitan will give you some insight into the mysteries of what women want in bed, and for girls... Well, you can try reading a magazine like FHM or Nuts, but don't be put off by what you read!
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Just ask him what he likes...I'm sure he'd be more than happy to tell you! Or if you're not open enough to ask him, then write him a note.

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