How Can I Find My Future Partner? I Have Been Cheated Several Times.


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First, stop searching, and just wait until that person comes to you. You will recognize a certain magic from within when it happens. Don't settle, try to be content with yourself, being alone for awhile will probably do you good.
Have faith your partner will find you.
In the meantime rely on friends for companionship.
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First thing, I would counsel you to stop searching!! When you will search, you will be little biased. Let it happen naturally!!
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The best way to find your future life partner is depending on your behaviours and attitude try to convince your life partner by every possible way that you can do for him, one more thing true love can never be ended, as we know everything in the universe has a reaction (as you saw so shell you reap) so as you get your life partner try to behave with him that you never did before. And don't worry you will find your life partner very soon that you ever want in your life which will never cheat on you, try to do the same acts which I mention above if you did the above you will must be succeeded and I will pray for you too, best of luck for your future.
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Their is a lady who is 30 years old now but no man has asked her hand in marriage and this lady is a good looking. I want to know exactly the problem. I will be happy if my question is answered. Thanks

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