I'm Like 17, And My Nipples Haven't Come Out. Only Went Cold Hits Them Or Im Aroused. This Is The Biggest Blow To My Self Esteem. I Hope They Don't Stay Like That. I Want To Have Intimate Relationships With My Future Partner. What Advice?


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Yikes...do not let something like that ruin your day. Nipples are nipples. Guys like them all. Big ones, little ones, dark ones, light ones, and yes even ones that are not poking them in the eye :)
If we begin to pick our bodies apart because we are comparing with her or her....we would all be up all night worrying. There is no perfect body...none!
The perfection is what is created to lure in viewers to make profits on high ratings on television.

Technically you can try to pull on them....I believe there is even a silly nipple type puller on the market of silly things...but in all seriousness girl...get over it and be happy you have what you have.

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