Describe An Interest You Have That You Would Truly Hope Your Partner Could Share With You?


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Sara Lewis answered

I like to do lots of creative things like writing short stories and features, and photography, particularly whilst travelling. I love photographing cities, and urban places.

The problem with these sort of activities is that they can be solitary pursuits, and can be difficult to "share" with someone. This is particularly true of writing, which is extremely personal, and where the creative process takes place mostly inside your own head.

I think it's important when in a relationship, to find things that you both enjoy, and to have hobbies that you can share. However, I believe the best case scenario is to discover these together, as you get to know one another. I would hate to try and push things I enjoy doing on to a partner who would perhaps feel obliged to do them, rather than taking part because they genuinely got enjoyment from it too.

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