What Life Hacks have you learned over your life that you would like to share?


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Never put off till tomorrow what you can get somebody else to do today. (Tom Sawyer was a master of this strategy.)

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Here's a money saver!

LOLOL!!!  A real one is to use an over-the-door shoe rack as camper organizers.  I cut one in thirds, and have a kitchen one, toiletries one, and another for miscellaneous items.

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Don't fold underwear. Why in the world would anyone fold boxer shorts? Wash and dry them and stick them in a drawer, they're gonna get wrinkled when you wear them anyway.

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I buy my socks all the same color.  No more trying to match socks,and no more broken pairs.  I may not be a fashion plate,but I don't have to spend tikme messing weith socks. 

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When you really like something buy two of the same item.

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I'm very helpful

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Ancient Hippy
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I'm a Hoover when fries are in front of me.
Jaimie  JT
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Like a vacuum ? Too bad you weren't in Canada last night then... I would have convinced you the plastic forks were fries...
Ancient Hippy
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Yep, like a vacuum. They'd have to be some tasty looking forks for me to Hoover them.
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Don't eat yellow snow

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The more expensive gas stations (Shell, Chevron, etc) really does have better gas. The cheap stuff burns through your car like crazy and you end up spending more in the long run. :0(

Extra virgin olive oil prevents stretchmarks when applied to a growing pregnant belly.

Laying an open 2 liter bottle of soda on its side will make it taste flat. (I don't even like laying it down before it is opened.) YUCK

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My  sister told me this one just the other day. If you live some place that the power goes out, freeze a water bottle while in the upright position, so the air bubble is at the top. After it is frozen, set it on its side. If you are gone for an extended period and want to know if  the power went out long enough for frozen goods to be bad, check the water bottle. If the air bubble is still by the lid they are good. If the bottle thawed any the air bubble will have moved to the side and you need to get rid of the food

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