How Man Can Satisfy Women?


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Well it is not easy to satisfy a woman and normally takes a very special kind of man to generally keep a woman happy all times. To do so you must be sensitive to her needs and emotionally compatible with her. However, being clingy can drive them away too. You must be respectful to her need for personal space and give her the opportunity to miss you. If you remain under her spell and keep hogging her all the time like a prized possession it may put them off. Be creative with your intimacy skills, women like pleasant surprises and are generally like to be self-sufficient and understood without having to say anything at all. For the best part you need to give her confidence in herself to trust her own abilities and instincts and help her discover her own self instead of feeding her directives all the time. Finally, you should both have time for your own independent activities and spend some time away from each other. This helps to kindle dying flames and keep a relationship going. Always be mysterious to her and do not let her figure you out completely.

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