How Can I Meet Women?


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Romance, flowers, someone that really listens, has a sense of humor
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Thanks, but I said honest answers. Jk, but seriously, Could you be a little more detailed.
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Honestly a guy that doesn't look at other women while with his girl and one that CONSISTENTLY SHOWS how he feels about a woman not just one or two days and third day nutting!!! NO stuck ups and no cheats , and a guy who doesn't judge how much money she has , a guy who laughs and enjoys and who isnt cheap to spend on a woman !!!! TOO MUCH TO ASK???
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In true honesty whichever girl i talk to , they have problems with cheating and other women around and guys who one day say sweet things the next they think they don't have to do nothing because of whatever they did for them the previous day ,.,,, i mean come on guys we would take the hearts out of our chest for you ... Cant it be more appreciated ?? I'm only talking for those girls that are actually honest and loyal not for any other !!
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There exists a hundred ways and methods to meet and socialize with women. One famous method is to talk good about your specific women. Tell them how good and charming they are. Inform them that you really cant exist without them. Give them flowers and gifts on a regular basis. Smile to them whenever you see or meet them. They will simply start loving you!
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A women doesn't want a stuck up or all around shakespere kind of guy. But also true there are women out there that want that desire that guy. You don't ask a girl her phone number without knowing her first. And one of the most important things of all is don't make her feel unimportant. Complement her on anything but be sly about it and don't let her get tired of it.
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How to meet a woman? You can meet a woman just about anywhere. The key is to see if she's looking. If you walk by her and are interested smile sweetly and say hello. Her response is what gives it away. If she looks away and fine then chances are she is not interested. If she looks at you, smiles back and then replies then chances are shes interested. You can then start a small convo. By looking at what shes buying. You can pretty much start a convo. On that alone. It lets her know you are paying attention in a retro kind of way. Pay attention to detail. Women like men that are intuitive to them.

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