If I Love One Girl And I Want To Talk To Her,how Can I Do It?


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First be her friend , without friendship you can't love her and talk with her
Try doing it in the right matter. But first thing you should do is really think if you love that person. I know being in love will make you do and say stupid things so before reacting, think about it. I would say, if you in a relationship, say you have strong feelings for her. If she say the same, then continue with I love you. If you not in a relationship with her, work on being in one first!...
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I think that you should be calm.
It might be a good idea to think about things before you say it.
Also try talking about normal things.
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Listen, pal...
If you haven't spoken to her and you're in love with her, you're either an Elizabethean poet or you are 7 years old. If you are neither of those, go up to her and say, "You look good in that color". Even if she's not interested in you she'll start talking.

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