Is It Possible For A Man To Withdraw Before Sperming?


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You will fall pregnant if you rely on this method my sister did any man has serum leakage before the sperm releases you only need just one single sperm to fall pregnant please remember this take care condoms are free at family planning centres
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Most of the times not possible.
People can't control themselves that easily at that point. But still if you want to check yourself, do as mentioned:
Ask him to wear condom & have sex & move it out before ejaculation(sperming). make him do it till you get sure that he is now good enough to move it out before sperming.
But then again, this can't even ensure you that he isn't fooling you coz he might do well & put it out before sperming during protected sex coz he knows that he is going to be judged out for unprotected sex & might spit in (mistakenly) during unprotected sex.
my advice is: No unprotected sex before marriage doesn't matters how trustworthy your partner is.
ask him for marrying first & then going for unprotected sex-if he disagree or make excuses then this is one of those sign of dishonesty, never go for unprotected sex with him ever, before marriage.
wish you good luck in your relationship.
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No sex before marriage is cool... And remember...! Why surrender our self to a guy which is aiming for a wonderful and fulfilling night......
It would be better to save sex to have it with your husband, who is gonna be there for you always..........
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Yes, Amala. That is what the Policy, I keep for myself!
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It is possible but there's always going to be lubrication from your boyfriend coming out I used that method and I'm 8 weeks so if you really don't want to get pregnant but don't want to use a condom I suggest birth control.
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Try not to use birth control... It is is harmful to you.. In lessen your chances of getting pregnant when you WANT to have a child of your own.....
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Yes it is possible to pull out before ejaculation but it is not an effective way of birth control.  It takes practice to make sure you can pull out before you ejaculate but even so a small bit of sperm is released all the while before you ejaculate so the woman can get pregnant even if you don't get off.  I know this from experience.  My man did not get off at all in one instance and during that little time of intercourse it was enough to make me pregnant.  He had blue balls and I got pregnant.  Not the best situation. 
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Please do not be fooled by him telling you that he can pull out before he comes. There is something that is called PRE-CUM. This is what happens before the man ejaculates. You can get pregnant from the pre-cum. You have to remember that the two of you are still having intercourse while this process is going on, so there is plenty of time for the sperm from the pre-cum to travel and for you to get pregnant. So NO do not have sex and rely on him pulling out before he sperm.
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My gf wants to get pregnant, and does not want want me to use condoms. I don't want now, but if it happens, then it would be OK for me. Until recently I could control myself and pull out always, but when I was in "the wrong position" (gf on top), we had an "accident" (she was happy...). She did not get pregnant (wrong time for her - right time for me), but I am clear over that if this will happen some times more, she will make me daddy.

So, if you don't want a baby, use birth control (best condom and contraception pills)
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Before 'sperming'? Bless you love lol! Yes he can withdraw before EJACULATION but its not a safe method of contraception and if you don't want to get pregnant use something a bit more reliable. Men will try almost anything to get out of using condoms love so don't let him fool you.

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