Is It Possible For A Woman To Pin A Man Down By Sitting On Top Of His Chest?


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Of course it’s possible for a woman to pin a guy down by sitting on his chest! Obviously, it depends on the size and strength of both people, though.

A larger woman will have no trouble pinning a skinny man down by sitting on his chest.

What Problems Might I Face When Trying To Pin A Guy Down By Sitting On His Chest?
Well, if the man doesn’t want to be pinned down, he’s going to struggle! If you’re sitting on his chest, his arms will be either side of you, so it would be quite easy for him to just shove you off to the side or backwards.

I wouldn’t recommend sitting on a man’s chest if you think he’s likely to hit you, either. You’d be in just the right position for him to punch you in the face, so if you’re sitting on a man to stop him escaping (if he broke into your house, or something) then you’d need to be very careful.

It’s probably best to avoid trying to pin down any guy who’s significantly bigger or stronger than you, as well!

Why The Answer Is Situation-Dependent
If you’re sitting on a man’s chest to “restrain” him in bed, then it probably won’t matter if you can physically pin him down or not - if he’s consenting to being pinned down, he’s not going to struggle too hard.

However, if you’re pinning someone down who doesn’t want to be pinned down - for whatever reason - that’s going to be a lot more difficult.
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It's happened to me a few times, yes.
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I've been squashed often this way by women. I'm skinny and the women sitting on me were chubby and I just couldn't get up. :(
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If a woman sits on a man's chest with her legs forward, sitting full-weight and centered, there's nothing he can do about it.  His shoulders are trapped under her thighs so he can't punch, and his center of gravity is stuck under her center of gravity so he can't move.  As long as she relaxes centrally so she can't be tipped to the side or backwards, she can stay there essentially forever.  The woman doesn't even have to outweigh the man for this to work, but if she does it goes from being an effective pin to him actually having his life in her hands.  This is pretty much the Achilles heel of male self-defense, and the one thing men are terrified women will find out (unfortunately for us guys, most women are instinctively on to this anyway).

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