How To Forget My Husband?


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If you will not be with him any longer and there is no hope of reconciliation. Then, I say cut him out of your life completely. Shred the photos or burn them. Give away his things to the thrift store. Get a new hobby like scuba diving (good hobbies like scuba or piloting planes are great places to meet quality guys because these hobbies require money and intelligence). And get on with your life. Life is meant to be lived in happiness and with abundance not with regret and sadness. You are alive and that is more than the dead can say. Enjoy the breath in your lungs (start getting in shape try marathon or bicycle). Just live and enjoy life. I parted with my girlfriend of 3 years. I thought she was the one but it didn't work. I still care for her but the kicker was when I call her after the break up and her phone was on without her knowing and I heard her flirting with other guys and happy. She was saying that she missed me and still loved me but her actions spoke otherwise. This was good because I moved on. I haven't found someone else but I believe a person has to be worthy to receive a great person in return. So as long as we work on ourselves and become stronger better people we become more attractive and more likely to meet the right one... And by then we have forgotten about the past pain of someone who no longer loves us.
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It is the time which will help you to forget him. Treat him as your past and move on every thing will be all right
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Memories! Well considering going through the excitement of buying the fabulous wedding dress, reception, bridesmaid, when you both first met, what you both did, said to each other, same friends and every thing else, children? Its very hard to forget and having to look at the wedding photos, even if you put them in the loft in boxes so you can't see them, we still have the memory of what you both been through.How to forget? Well, you won't, but there are ways to deal with it. Just get on with life, otherwise you'll spend a lot of time and adding on years on your hart. Marriages end all the time, we can't help it, we are humans, not perfect. However, many people say that they have found the perfect person. Well, none of us is perfect, in fact, we are far from it. Yes, there are some who can keep their life together and even if they have found the right person they can live with for the rest of their lives, we still have flaws, but as long as we can put and tolerate each other, then you can live with each other imperfection.

Ok some of us are unbearable, and no matter what, you going to remember them as some stage. So to forget, just get on with like and don't focus on him, keep your distance and don't let his friends tell you what he is up or doing

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