How To Hack Into My Husband's Metro PCS Account Online?


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Mark Henderson answered
Hacking into your husband's (or anyone else's) phone account is both inadvisable and highly illegal. There are multiple security measures in place that will not allow you to gain access to your husband's account.

  • Metro pcs have security to prevent this from happening.
  • Your husband will not appreciate you doing this.
  • Most importantly it is illegal!

Why would you want to hack your husband's metro pcs account? The fact that you have asked this question tells me that you no longer trust your husband. Attempting to check who he has been contacting will not help this issue within your relationship - in fact it may only make it worse. If you really feel that you can no longer trust him, then the best course of action would be to sit down and talk about it with him face to face.

Trying to hack your husband's phone account is a rather drastic measure and any decision of this nature should not be taken lightly (even if it were possible). Also, you may have to understand that every individual deserves to have their privacy respected. I advise you to talk to your husband about this before taking any further action.

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