After a very important relationship ended, I woke up one day and felt like I was going to die, or someone will kill me very soon. I have been very paranoid. Its probably just a condition, can someone help me please? (I will probably be dead soon)


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Seek medical help today. Talk to your parents and a school counselor. 

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A really important relationship has ended and you're probably feeling pretty anxious about what will come next for you. If the break-up was unpleasant, your mind will go off in several different directions. Sometimes these thoughts will come out in dreams and when you wake up, you'll have a feeling of doom, of being anxious, of being fearful.

It might be necessary at this point to get help in order to move past this break-up. Unless the person has actually physically threatened to kill you, it could be your anxiety is getting the best of you and you now need some intervention to help get past it.

Reach out for some help - you will be able to learn all kinds of coping techniques for dealing with these kinds of situations. Good luck.

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When something like that happens (the end of an important relationship) it tends to upset our whole orientation to the world and our ability to accurately judge what is still OK with our lives.

One of the possible reactions to such an occurrence is that the individual starts to "catastrophize" and think that if the relationship ended, then maybe everything else is going to go bad also and the individual tends to imagine that everything we hold dear may also fall apart.

It's pretty common and normal, it usually goes away after a relatively short period of time.

If the situation is too uncomfortable for you, seek some help to reestablish your prospective on life.

Take care.

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See your doctor, it sounds like the break-up has affected your mood, and therefore your thinking and so you may need a little help.  People invest a lot of emotion and time in a relationship,  they put much of themselves into it, and so when it ends that person can feel empty and lost, bereaved.  

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Your distress is understandable. Breaking up may be one of the most traumatic experiences you’ve ever had to endure. In fact, some have said that a breakup is like a minideath.

You may have heard the saying, Time heals all wounds. When you first break up, those words might ring hollow. That’s because time is only part of the solution. To illustrate: A cut on your skin will heal in time, but it hurts now. You need to stop the bleeding and soothe the pain. You also need to keep it from becoming infected. The same is true with an emotional wound. Right now, it hurts. But there are steps you can take to lessen the pain and keep from becoming infected with bitterness. Time will do its part, but how can you do yours? Try the following.

Allow yourself to grieve. There’s nothing wrong with having a good cry. Shedding tears doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Take care of your physical health. Physical exercise and proper nutrition will help replenish the energy lost from the emotional toll of a breakup.

Keep busy. Don’t stop doing the things that interest you. And now, more than ever, don’t isolate yourself.  Associating with those who care about you will give you something positive on which to focus.

Granted, the relationship you were involved in didn’t become what you had hoped. But remember this: In the middle of a storm, it’s easy to focus on the dark sky and the pouring rain. Eventually, though, the rain stops and the sky clears. Be assured that the same can be true of you!

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