Does he like me? Laughs at my jokes, smiles at me, writes me notes, talks with me more than other girls, stares at me so much, and on and on. Well does he like me? Please answer ASAP!!!!!


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Yes lol seems like it

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Teengirl Need Help ASAP
Nice thanks. This is way better than
I tried that first but then it kept hitching and stuff so I was like "BYE" and came here and I ❤️ It!!!!!
Teengirl Need Help ASAP
I meant glitching not hitching
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It's amazing to me that you haven't thought of the most obvious answer to this whole thing. TALK TO HIM and find out. We don't know you or him.  If someone were to tell you what you wrote to us - what would you think?  I'm not trying to be mean here, but seriously, what is his behavior telling you? Go with your gut on this. Then speak to the boy and make a new friend.

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It doesn't matter. It will give you practice making small talk with him which will help put him at ease. Everyone could use a little help with their social skills, especially at this age.
Teengirl Need Help ASAP
Yup. He likes to talk a lot though. Well, not a lot. We talk in th 2 periods we sit next to each other for basically the whole period(cuz we're both really smart and already know everything the teacher is saying).
The classes I have an A+ in are the ones I sit next to him in. That is weird cuz those are the classes I don't pay attention in(lol)!!!!!
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Just be careful you guys don't get in trouble with the teacher. Be respectful when you're in class - not everyone picks up the concepts right away.
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hello itsmeadele Profile

Seen the description of the guy his behaviour towards you, he seems to take special interest in you.
Ask him to hang out or something i would say and explore where this mutal likeing can take you.

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