This girl I like is shy. I sometimes catch her staring at me or smiling/laughing at my jokes. We have known each other for about three months. Does she like me?


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Depends! Girls often do that, which is sticking to boy they think is attractive! Infact I do! You say she's a shy girl, I am too, shy girls aren't really so frank with boys, of course, she takes you as a friend, a warm friend, string close to her , opening some more to her , might really open the door for you!

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Yes, state the facts she laughes at your jokes she stares ans she smiles when you are not looking you have know each other for 3 montes I do something's like that to and yes she likes you just give her time......

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I would call myself a shy girl. If I did like someone, I would want them to start the conversation, since I'm usually too shy to do it myself.

Look out for her feelings while talking to her. Her shyness may be because she's sensitive or something. Start with a joke to break the tension, then add a nice compliment. Then, find a common ground. Once you find something in common you'll have a reason to be friends.

If you want it to be more than that, then just be patient and build up her trust first. This way if you do get in a relationship, it will be strong!

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