My Best Friend Calls Me Every Day. Does This Mean He Likes Me?


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That really depends on what your best friend calls you to talk about! A guy calling you every day could indeed be a sign that he likes you, but it might not mean that at all.

How Do I Figure Out If He’s Calling Because He Likes Me?
  • Think about how he sounds on the phone. If he talks more softly than he usually does, this could mean that he likes you – sometimes, it’s easier to express your feelings for someone when you’re not physically with them.
  • Is your friend more sensitive when he calls? If he seems more sensitive over the phone, this could be because it’s more private and intimate than being with you in public, and so he feels more comfortable showing his feelings for you.
  • Does he call you even when he has nothing to say? This could be a sign that he likes you – it means he’s thinking of you, and wants to hear your voice, even though he has nothing important to tell you.
  • Does he call his male friends as often as he calls you? I think this is a big indicator of whether or not he likes you. Some people just like calling their friends, whereas others will only use the phone to arrange a meet-up or communicate an important message. Figure out which category your friend falls into, and you should have your answer!
If you think your friend has feelings for you, and you don’t feel the same way, it’s probably best to stop answering the phone whenever he calls. Don’t ignore him completely, but make it clear that you’re not going to drop everything just to chat. Good luck!
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It just means that they have a lot they want to talk to you about.  It also depends on what they talk about on the phone.

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