My dad has a cousin and I have recently fallen in love with his daughter. Is it wrong, and am I right in saying she is my second cousin?


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There is nothing wrong what so ever of falling in love with and marrying and having children with your 2nd or even your 1st cousin or any cousin for that matter. If you don't believe me do the research yourself. If you and she agree and enjoy one another then go ahead and get with it!
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Marrying a cousin increases the chances of genetic defects in the children. There are higher chances of both you and her carrying the same "problematic" genes since you two are from the same family line. Thus it is much more likely that disorders and defects will get passed on to your children (basic Genetics principle). I wouldn't recommend this relationship.
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Yeh because yall r kinda lke family
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Firstly you have an AWSOME name =) and nah its legal and yes you should go for her =P....also ye shes your second cousin I think =D good luck
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Yes when I was five I had a pupp y love crush on my cosion I was so stupid when I was little
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Not tht it's wrong lol it's just not very traditional and she's still in your blood line so don't tap it or your babies may b jacked up .. I believe it's your third cousin. The guy is your dads first cousin which would make him your second cousin, his daughter would be your dads second cousin and your third..
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Jenn Hamm
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Thts really kool.. Never knew it was so popular.. Here in America people get made fun of " imbreds" etc... People r cruel and I wouldn't want that label placed on my kids.. Love is blind tho
Dickie Allen
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And what label would your kids have? They are just normal kids doing normal things. Parents, related or not are just parents with all the same struggles as anyone else. Close friends my know of the cousin connection but just like unrelated couples no one really cares. Yes, Americans have been told so many myths mainly coming from church doctrines taken from context giving the wrong understandings of the Bible. Americans in many areas are so illiterate, they take what is said and do not learn ~ ~
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For themselves. It is so sad at times to see. Americans have allowed too many Puritan laws to remain that are outdated and out moated. They put too much trust in a false church made Christian belief instead of a true Bible Christian belief.

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