How Could We Know That A Boy Has Good Qualities Or Bad Qualities And Whether He Loves Me Or Not? Please Tell Me Some Tips.


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No one can tell you if you're in love. You just know. Good and bad qualities are usually determined by the person that's judging. But usually some general "good traits" of someone are honest, being faithful, funny, nice and things that make any good person. Make sure you don't pick someone that will pressure you into doing something you don't want to. And never date someone that acts different around different groups of people. Try to see if their personality is genuine. But remember that you are the only person that can make the final decision on who is best for you.
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You will instinctively know what some of the qualities are.
Good qualities are good manners, gentle speech, respect, an interest in you as a person.
other good qualities are good communication skills, little or no swearing, and being someone who is reliable and trustworthy.
Bad qualities include; drinking too much, swearing, being abusive and aggressive, letting you down, lying to name a few.

Everyone has a few of both qualities in their make up and non of us are perfect but it's obvious which traits should be avoided.
How to tell if he loves you is something only you will know.
If someone wants to be with you, cares for you, is loving and tells you how much you mean to them all go towards a loving relationship. You'll know when it happens, if you have to ask then it probably hasn't yet!
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Love is those special moments together..those laughs you have together..those secrets you share..those promises made in the heart..those days you wait to meet..those calls that seem like seconds and you never know that hours have is those stolen smiles thinking of that some one special..
Now if you thought of that boy when you read are in love with will automatically come to know soon...whether he loves you too :)
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I want to serve my nation
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If this boy loves you, and you love him, you will not ask other people; you will know it yourself! Why are you confused? Are you still too young to think of such a relationship? If so, please wait awhile, there is enough time for building relationships as you grow up.

Generally, a loving and caring boy, who really cares for you, and shows concern for you and your feelings is reportedly a 'nice' boy, with good qualities. A boy who does not respect you or your feelings and ignores you when he wishes to, and does not pay you or your feelings any attention can be called a 'bad' boy.

However, do not judge anyone so fast! This boy may be inexperienced, or he may have been brought up in an environment where feelings are not shared or discussed openly, and he may not know how to express his feelings for you.

If you like this boy, wait patiently, and see what happens, and believe me, you will know whether he loves you or not when the time comes!

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