How To Know A Girl Love Me Or Not?


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thomas tewodros answered
 cambodia? Oh is that a culture not showing' a fellin'?
    any ways I'm just here 2 help
1st you've 2 show love like teyin' 2 spenr rime with her and stuff and then tallin' bout deep side felling' I mean if you start talking how you fell bout things n asking her a question like how she feel bout things @ last believe me she'll tell you bout things even private things.
  and what a women wants is a person who share ideas and talk deep feeling'  n next time you r not the 1 who want to spent time to she'll b then you know what 2 do tightin' up you're game @ a time you can read her face and you can know how she feel bout you
    thats what I think bro

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