What Does It Feel Like To Be Adopted?


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Not being adopted I wouldn't know. But, if I were and knew it, I would never stop trying to find my birth parents, no matter how much I loved my adopted ones. I think it's only human nature to find out who gave physical birth to you and try to establish a bond with the birth mother.
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I agree with jacklyl, and after i found my biological parents, my first question for them would be, why was i given up for adoption?  And second, if ur foster parents have always loved u and shown u they do, always let them know u love them very much!!!
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I think it doesn't matter whether you're adopted or not, you are STILL immensely LOVED by your adoptive parents & everyone else who knows you.
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I was adopted by my mother's husband after marriage.
I remember that I was excited at the time, but I believe
that was more because I was going to get a new name
then me understanding what was happening.  Since I've
always had my mother with me, I can't really say I was
'adopted' in the true sense.  As for my sire ( not 'dad'),
he didn't hang around very long after I was born.  Ma kept
in touch with his dad, but my sire never contacted us (me)
in any way, shape or form.  All contact was lost when his
dad had a fatal heart attack.  I'd like to know more about
my sire's family medical history than about him (I've heard
that he died in a light plane crash a while back, but I had
no reason to miss him).  I know what health problems are on
my mother's side of the family (cancer, diabetes, mainly)
and I'd like to know the same on my sire's.
As for an adopted child learning about (meeting with)
birth-parents (mother), I really think that they should know...
But not until they are grown up enough to deal with it.
A kid is most likely going to focus on 'you didn't want me!'
while a young adult should be mature enough to look
at any and all reasons why things went the way they did.
Too, an adult, having their own life to live, won't be so
torn between sets of 'parents'.
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I am sorry that you didn't have contact with the sire, but perhaps, that was for the better, obviously, he didn't care in the least. To find out about family history, though the grandfather has past, getting permission, (possibly from the courts) to look into the grandfather's health records might be a good place to start, also if you know the maternal grandmother's name, you might be able to get information there as well. It isn't always easy though. Don't give up.
Jewelly A. Shetka
That's a problem. Somewhere along the line,
my mother's side of the family, an ancester came
over from Ireland. For whatever reason he
changed it from what it was to a name that's
is nowhere Irish. He was supposed to have
married 'an Indian princess'. The long and the
short of it is that my great gandmother destroyed
all the family records. No one knows why and,
after that, no one had any names, dates or whatnot.
I've been told that my sire was part German.
I've never really asked Ma.
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Hi Sara.Not being adopted i don't know.My wife and i " inherited "our youngest son when my young sister died.he isn't officially adopted ( we're his legal guardians )He was only 7 months old,he is now 21 years old.He knows who his biological father is .he's always known,but wants nothing to do with him.He's a brother to his siblings,and a son to us,absolutely no difference between them.I'm dad and J+++ is mum,But he has this terrible habit of holding his hand out just before he says,hey dad could give me *^%+*&6 .LOL
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I couldn't tell you, I'm not adopted... I'm sure it feels different if you're adopted at an older age.. But if it's when you're very young I'm sure it would feel like home...
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I would hope that it feels like finding a new family,new parents,someone who needed you as bad as you needed them.
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While I wasn't adopted, I did know a young man who was my friend when I was a teenager, and he knew that he was adopted. He didn't know his parents, and often he said to me that he wanted to know, and didn't want to know the natural parents. There were questions of course, and that is to be expected. He did say however that he wanted to wait until he was older to find out, because he didn't want to meet them once, and that be it, he wanted it to be more than that.
I know that his adoptive parents loved him dearly, and they provided very well for him. He had a sense of family, and he knew that he was safe. I think that for each person that is adopted, knowing that all are each different cases, it really depends on the manner in which they are raised, loved, and cared for. As for my friend, I know he turned out well in life. Hope this helps, great question.
It feels o.k., I would know personally because I'm adopted, but i've known since I was in, like, the first grade. A lot of people think it's a big deal to be adopted, but I don't feel any different than anybody else...
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I don't know how it would feel.  My sister gave up her first two children for adoption, because the father's both abandoned her when they found out she was pregnant. One was right after her 18th birthday, and the other was just before her 19th birthday. Her third child was taken away from her by the courts when he was three months old because she left him alone in her apartment all night. He was adopted by his grandmother.
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Can't say much on this much. It can go both way sometimes a adopted person can feel bad about why he/she is not having real parents and if the person thinks differently than he/she can feel otherwise while thinking about present world like he/she has got good/bad adopters.
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I am not adopted but it doesnt matter but it does if ur adopted parents doesnt love u
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I am adopted, was adopted at birth.  I am so greatful that I was, because I love my adoptive parents. I do feel a little detached, a little different, I wonder what it feels like to be blood related to someone. So I will soon search for my birth parents. But I know my adoptive parents are the best parents I could ever have. I just want to know where I came from. I recently found out my biological father is a doctor in Columbia and he was born there. And my mother lived in the states and they had an affair. My father was married with a family. So therefor I know I got a better life by being adopted, so even though I wish I knew someone related to me, I am happy I was adopted, especially since my adoptive parents were amazing and loving and gave me the best upbringing I could have had.

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