How Can You Stop Someone Loving You When You Are Not Interested In Him But Still He Insists On Having You As Life Partner?


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Ok help my boyfriend he wasn't to marry me and I don't want him I am totlally falling for this other guy and I want my bf to go away and just don talk to me Luke it would b ok if we stayed friends but I don't want to b in a relationship! God he is a great guy but he isn't for me I just don't love him! Pls help
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You can't stop someone loving you. Just be kind but firm. Don't return calls or see him in any way unless you have to (kids etc. Just stay away and eventually he will get the message and move on. Don't give him anything that could be misconstrued as interest. Thats about all you can do really.
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Not let him into your house
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I had th sme problem & I accidently made him fall for me whn I knew he woz startin to like me, because I said we could be frendzzz,, never be mates with themm!! They will still wee you in tha other wayyy!!!
& th outcome was very bad...blackmail could get invovld with these thingzzz guysssss!!!  If he is THAT serious!!
Well, th 1st thing is keep your distance & tell him straight tht you are nt intersted,, and most importantly,, do not become mates with himm,, tht way he will think he has a chancee with you.
Just get to the point that way he will bak off. Tell him that you don't want to talk to him, he is not the right person for you END OFF!!!
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I am going through the same thing. I have kept my distance, changed my phone number, avoid him totally. And this was after 18 years of marriage and I have children with him which I do not see because they live with their father and he has made hateful accusations to them about me and they want nothing from me. They are older. It has been 7 months now and he is finally getting the picture (I am told through family) but he would take me back in a heart beat if I let him. You can't change someone from loving you. Be careful not to string him along. I learned that because I was trying to be nice and not hurt his feelings and it made it worse. You have to be honest and get to the point.

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